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Well Pumps

AM Irrigation is here to serve all your water pump needs. We offer high quality pumps and customer service for all your water delivery needs. We use pumps and products that are tried and true; Pentair, Franklin Electric, Goulds, Liberty, and others. Our goal is to install or repair your pumping system to provide years of trouble free service letting you worry about what’s really important to you.

We do new construction well pump installations, well pump replacements, well pump troubleshooting and diagnostics, and pump service and maintenance. So whether you have a submersible pump or a surface pump we have you covered.

Not sure what you have or need? There are many pump options and sizes available, some examples are: centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, and multistage submersible pumps. These can be connected via a pump start relay, VFD aka variable frequency drive, or pressure tank and pressure switch. Each option has its ups and downs. Some options provide water only during irrigation activities and some can provide water under constant pressure. Our team of professionals can help guide you to what would be your best option. 

Water Pump Installation

Builders! We install well pumps for New Construction. We have easy to quote packages that are ready for any SWFL project. Please call today to inquire about our well pump packages.

Water Pump Replacement

Are you in a situation where you have no water, is your grass dying? All of our irrigation trucks are fully stocked to handle a pump out! situation. We carry SWFL’s most common pumps and accessories, to expedite the solution to your water delivery problems. We offer same day or next day service depending on the urgency of your issue.

Surface Pumps

Not all pumps are made equal. Surface pumps have a high percentage for misdiagnosis. What most people don’t know is that surface pumps require to be primed and if installed correctly should maintain their prime unless something is wrong. Our team is highly trained in finding these suction line problems. The solution isn’t always a new pump. Sometimes it’s just a loose fitting or failed components in the piping. Before you go and spend money on a new pump, call our experts. We may be able to save you that money for something better…. like that vacation you deserve!

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